The American Indian Education KnowledgeBase

The American Indian Education KnowledgeBase is an online resource to aid education professionals in their efforts to serve American Indian (AI) students and close the achievement gap between AI students and other student subgroups. The website resource has four major components, with classroom activities to support each element—Element 1: Foundations and Current Status of American Indian Education; Element 2: American Indian Cultures; Element 3: Understanding Your School and Community; and Element 4: Use Culturally Responsive Teaching Methodologies.

Content Comments 

The content of this website and the content of its resource links to each of the four elements are excellent. Much of the content consists of links to well-respected, external resources, such as the Library of Congress and its history of American Indian (AI) boarding schools. All links are currently working. The activities to support each element, such as a lesson plan, are of high quality. However, the well-intended Library of Congress link, mentioned above, which matches a lesson plan to specific standards, produced few positive hits. Overall, the communications quality, structure, and content of this website may help teachers to integrate AI education history and culture into useful classroom activities. Evidence of effectiveness is not provided, but the quality and substantial number of links that support each element may have a positive effect on learning.