A Compendium of Research on the Common Core State Standards: Implementation

This compendium summarizes published research on different areas of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This particular resource (users should download the "Implementation" paper) is to create “an accessible and readable overview of current research” to inform implementation, policy discussions, and development of future research on the CCSS (p. i). The research studies included in this resource are limited to one page summaries of each studies' focus, methodology, and key findings. The summary page includes a URL or citation to the individual study.

Content Comments 

The purpose of this compendium is described in broad terms but only partially met. More than 50% of the studies are from the CEP's own research studies and the methodology in most of the studies is based on survey data or interviews, in one case, with just a single person at a state department of education. Additionally, many of the studies findings are dated and do not account for the rapid increase in opposition to the Common Core State Standards, with several states backing away from the Common Core State Standards and even more states that have declined to continue their participation in one of the two main assessment consortia. Communications quality is generally high. The limit of the summaries to one page makes for an easy read. However, one link to a resource was broken. Both the rapidly changing standards and assessments environment, combined with resources that in some cases are 3-4 years old, may reduce the utility of this summary publication. Evidence of effectiveness is not addressed nor necessarily appropriate for this type of resource.