Common Core Implementation Best Practices: Testimony Before the New York State Office of the Governor Common Core Implementation Panel

In this testimony before the New York State Office of the Governor Common Core Implementation Panel, Carmel Martin, Executive Vice President for Policy at the Center for American Progress, outlines four areas that she believes the state’s leaders must tackle in order to make translation from the Common Core standards to effective instruction. These areas are: investing in professional development; investing in time; engaging teachers and parents around the value of the standards and the changes needed to implement them; and investing in tools to enrich instruction. Martin provides details to these four areas from research and from practices in which various states have engaged.

Content Comments 

The content of this resource is derived from dependable resources that are effectively referenced through footnotes. Readers, however, should note that Carmel Martin's testimony is an impassioned plea to New York legislators to support the Common Core State Standards and take additional steps to ensure their success. Readers should also know that the examples used from other states, districts or schools present a support-oriented position and do not include costs or evidence that supports effectiveness of the programs referenced. The testimony communicates in plain language and is nicely organized into the four categories as described in the summary. Greatest utility of the testimony would likely come from educators who might use the testimony to convince their own legislators or the public about what needs to be done to ensure the success of the CCSS and the assessments to measure them. Evidence of effectiveness is not provided, although the strength of the testimony suggests a possible positive outcome on learning.