A Review of the Research Literature on the Influences of Culturally Based Education on the Academic Performance of Native American Students

The purpose of this review is to collect and critically review the research literature on the impact of culturally based education programs (Culturally Based Education) on school performance of American Indian (AI), Alaska Native (AN), and Native Hawaiian children. As directed, the review includes studies that can legitimately be classified as experimental or quasi-experimental. The authors have a variety of findings. Some of the culturally based education programs have a positive effect on student learning, while others have little or no measurable effect. In some cases, a positive effect is found on a non-academic variable, such as self-esteem. This is a very comprehensive review of AI research literature that draws from a wide number of studies.

Content Comments 

The content of this review is substantive and objective, drawing from a thoughtful analysis of possible American Indian (AI), Alaska Native (AN), and Hawaiian Native research studies. The review’s communications quality is sound, with each study described in relevant, concise detail, and with the effective use of credible appendices. The analysis is organized into sections, including: an overview of the study and methods, research with experimental or quasi-experimental methods, non-experimental comparative studies, and recommendations. Readers interested in a detailed, thorough, and objective review of AI/AN research may find this resource useful.