Feedback Loops for Common Core State Standards Implementation – Survey Tools for State Education Leaders

The Common Core Survey bank, and its supporting documents, including the Common Core Survey Guidance and a webinar PowerPoint, is a part of a suite of resources that support states’ implementation of the CCSS. The survey bank was released during the American Diploma Project webinar in 2012 and includes survey questions for teachers and school leaders that state leaders can use to customize surveys. The accompanying documents explain the purpose, content, and potential uses of the survey tool.

Content Comments 

These tools will prove helpful to states looking to check on the successes and challenges of CCSS implementation. The content quality as well as the length and design of the tools add to the value of the tools.  In recent conversations with state personnel involved in supporting school turnaround efforts, implementation of CCSS was noted as a challenge in rural districts and districts with fewer resources to support professional development initiatives. Having data to target state resources to those schools that are most challenged by the implementation process of new standards would be of value in impacting use and understanding.