State Implementation of Common Core State Standards: Professional Development

The Southern Regional Education Board is conducting a multi-year study of how 15 states are implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Six individual reports are part of the "Benchmarking State Implementation of Common Core Standards" project: a summary report, plus five reports with detailed state profiles by topic. The topic of this report (one of the six benchmarking reports on CCSS implementation progress in 15 states) is Professional Development. This report provides state profiles on “how the state departments of education are helping educators prepare for and implement the Common Core and aligned assessments through professional learning” (p. 1). The report examined major professional development efforts for the CCSS and describes overall efforts of each state; the report does not provide an exhaustive list of all of the professional learning that departments offer. Information from these profiles was gathered from a review of publicly available information and interviews with department leaders.

Content Comments 

Organized by state profiles, this resource is helpful in profiling the different approaches to professional development related to CCSS implementation. Its organization and information would be useful and of interest to states or others considering additional measures to support local awareness and implementation of the new standards; however, it is not specific in addressing challenges that might be limiting full implementation in states. It is difficult to know its full utility or effectiveness given the work that has already transpired in most states implementing new standards based on CCSS.