A Framework for Raising Expectations and Instructional Rigor for English Language Learners

The Council of the Great City Schools has released a framework for teaching English-language learners under the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The purpose of this document is to “define a new vision for English Language Development (ELD), to share examples of instructional delivery models, and to provide step-by-step guidance for selecting instructional materials that will accelerate the acquisition of academic language and grade-level content for all English learners in urban school districts” (p. 7). The Council is a network of 67 large city school districts that meet and exchange information in order to deliver the best education for urban youth. The need for this framework stemmed from the Council’s finding that many urban school districts report difficulty in finding “high quality, rigorous, grade-level instructional materials that are written for ELLs at varying levels of English proficiency” (p. 7), which are needed with the adoption of new standards (e.g., CCSS and ELD). The authors state that this document may be used alone or in combination with other evaluation protocols adopted by districts.

Content Comments 

This resource could be helpful for structuring and evaluating ELD programs. As its title suggests, it provides a framework for instructing ELLs. It does not provide the nuts and bolts of how to teach ELLs, which depends on content pedagogical knowledge, but it could be a good complement to knowledgeable teachers' practices.