None of the Above: A New Approach to Testing and Assessment

This report by Educators 4 Excellence, a teacher-led organization that seeks to elevate the voices of teachers in policy discussions, presents recommendations for changes to the current systems of evaluating student performance in light of Common Core implementation. A group of 14 teachers worked together to research and write this report. Their recommendations on testing and assessment focus on four main areas: design, culture, teaching, and accountability.

Content Comments 

This teacher-developed publication effectively describes its purposes and meets them. The methodology and process that the authors use to draw conclusions and make recommendations is solid, enhanced by the fact that this was written and reviewed by teachers. It is a unique resource that, although primarily focused on accountability policy in New York state, will be applicable to other states, school districts, schools, teachers, and even principals. It is worthy of highest recommendation, especially given the middle-ground perspective it offers on both long-term and current accountability issues. It communicates solidly, and even though its effectiveness is not yet known, the high quality throughout suggests a positive potential impact on teaching and on learning.