State Implementation of Common Core State Standards: Common Core-Aligned Teaching Resources

The Southern Regional Education Board is conducting a multi-year study of how 15 states are implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Six individual reports are part of the "Benchmarking State Implementation of Common Core Standards" project: a summary report, plus five reports with detailed state profiles by topic. The topic of this report is Common Core-Aligned Teaching Resources, which provides state profiles on “how the state departments of education are supporting local educators in classroom implementation of the Common Core by providing and/or facilitating the development of instructional resources and materials aligned to the new standards” (p. 1). The profiles found in this report provide a descriptive overview of each state’s efforts in this topic area. Information from these profiles was gathered from a review of publicly available information and interviews with department leaders.

Content Comments 

This report provides a concise summary of teaching resources that each of the 15 states involved in the SREB study provide for educators. Each state profile provides answers to the following questions: where are state-provided resources housed; what kinds of resources and materials are available; how are these resources and materials developed; and how is the alignment to the standards ensured? Additionally, the profiles include information about whether states provide guidance materials, have sample instructional plans, address literacy standards, and address formative assessment. However, the state profiles do not include a specific reference to math materials. This report provides helpful links to the teacher resources, which can sometimes be hard to locate on state department of education websites. Additionally, this report can be useful to state educators and administrators who are interested in how other states have developed and organized their teaching resources that are aligned to the CCSS.