Summer Residential Program Experiences as Perceived by Gifted Diné Youth

This qualitative study examines the experiences and perceptions of ten gifted Diné (Navajo) students from low-income families who received full scholarships to attend a university-based summer residential program. The effects of the residential enrichment program on these students is explored. Interviews revealed five major themes regarding participation: affirming social interactions with teachers and peers; life-changing experiences; positive academic experiences; excitement and motivation; and challenges met. When provided with opportunities in advanced classes that interested them, gifted Diné youth from low-income families had positive academic and social-emotional experiences. 

Content Comments 

In addition to addressing an important topic, the content of this resource is excellent and the qualitative methodology is solid. Despite the low number of study participants and the authors' connections to the program under study, the researchers provide adequate caveats supported with high consistency in their findings. The quality of communication is good, although the paper contains a few typos. Utility for readers should be very high. Indeed, the authors' findings could well promote development of similar programs if funding is available. The paper does not offer evidence of its effectiveness as a resource, but the overall quality suggests a positive potential impact on learning.