American Indian Education in Minnesota: Analytic Review of Key State and National Documents

The purpose of this report is to examine and describe major concepts and assumptions underlying the foundation of American Indian education in Minnesota. The Midwest Comprehensive Center (MWCC), at the request of the Minnesota Department of Education Office of Indian Education, conducted an in-depth review of key state and national documents pertaining to the current condition of American Indian education in Minnesota. The review encompassed publications from Minnesota’s Tribal Nations Education Committee, the state of Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Education, and an executive order from the White House. These selected documents contain information focused on academic achievement, educational barriers, or educational policy for American Indian K–12 students at the state and national levels. 

Content Comments 

The purposes of this publication are effectively described and met, supported by strong methodology and attention to detail. Communications quality is good, based on a variety of summary and detailed tables that provide the user with multiple ways and depths of viewing the data. While many of the reviewed documents are specific to Minnesota, others are broader and, when combined, produce information that should be of substantial interest to policymakers and educators in many states. The high quality of the publication and its lack of bias suggest a reasonable and positive impact on student learning.