Student Learning Objective (SLO) Toolkit

The Student Learning Objective (SLO) Toolkit, developed by the Center for Assessment, is intended to help educators develop quality SLOs. The Toolkit consists of an introductory video, Powerpoint presentation, templates, examples, informational documents, and supporting materials.  One component of the kit, the SLO Review Tool, prompts educators to consider the level of quality of the learning goal, assessments and scoring (rubric or criteria), and the targets to be used along with the SLO rubric.  

Content Comments 

The purposes of this toolkit are effectively described in an introductory video, a Powerpoint presentation, and in most of the individual toolkit components. Using a reasonable methodology, examples, and research, the goals are generally met in an effective manner. The communications quality is fairly typical for this type of product, although users will likely need a strong educational practice background to effectively use all components of the toolkit. Utility should be high, although the amount of time necessary to use the toolkit to its full advantage would be considerable. Evidence of its effectiveness is not provided, and the developers do not indicate to what extent the toolkit has actually been used, evaluated, and modified as necessary. Nevertheless, with an increasing use of SLOs for teacher evaluation purposes, this toolkit holds considerable promise.