Blueprint for College Readiness: A 50-State Policy Analysis

The Blueprint Report is designed by state leaders to feature a menu of 10 critical policies that promote college readiness and success, specifically improving student success and transition from high school to post-secondary education. The Blueprint "is designed to serve as a framework to help K–12 and higher education leaders conceptualize the multitude of education reform efforts underway in their states" (p. 3). The 10 policies include four in high school, four in post-secondary, and two “bridge” policies that impact both sets of stakeholders. The 10 policies described in the Blueprint “enable states to bring together college and career readiness, transition and degree attainment goals” (p. 3). The 50-state analysis examines the extent to which states are pursuing the 10 policies.

Content Comments 

The purposes of this publication, as described in the review summary, are effectively described and met. Although the methods used to collect the data presented could benefit from further explanation and verification from the states, the overall information appears quite solid, with ample references to support the resources. Communications quality is excellent, especially given the 160-page length. A key strength is that this resource provides multiple means for review, varying from individual statewide analyses to a short 50-state checklist matched to key criteria. Links to external resources all worked; however, a publication of this type will require regular updating to remain current and relevant. Utility should be very high, especially for state policymakers wishing to see how their own policies match up or analyze other successful state policies. A positive impact on student learning is probable based on this publication's overall quality and detail.