Blueprint for College Readiness: 50-State Policy Analysis Data Portal

This online database is a companion to the Blueprint for College Readiness report. The online database portal is interactive; users can explore the 50-state analysis by clicking the different policies. The database is also designed to respond to the unique needs of states.

Content Comments 

If you are looking for what states are doing to support College and Career Readiness, this tool is definitely worth a look. The purposes are clearly stated and attained: "Designed for state leaders, the Blueprint features a menu of 10 critical policies that promote college readiness and success. The 50-state analysis explores the extent to which states are meeting these benchmarks." The information, at least at this point in time, appears up-to-date and accurate. Communications quality is excellent: each page has a high-quality visual design, and transferring from one page or section to another is easy. Utility should be very high, especially for state policy makers who want to know what other states are doing to support CCR, or even what their own state is doing through some simple visuals. The quality of this Education Commission of the States web site suggests a capacity to improve learning, especially if the resource encourages some states to enhance their own policies.