The State of Education for Native Students

In this fact sheet, the Education Trust presents national data on the schools that Native American students attend, their achievement, and educational attainment. Nearly every indicator presented shows that Native American students are performing worse than their peers and in many cases worse than other ethnic groups of students. The publication's purpose is to help spark action that will improve education for Native American students. 

Content Comments 

The purposes of this brief are stated only indirectly; however the title, opening paragraphs, and data are quite clear. Not only are American Native students on the low end on nearly all measures of learning and college enrollment, but in at least a few cases they are getting worse.  While the methods and comments in the brief may appear to support a specific point of view, they are supported by data, not just in this report but others. This is a short and easy-to-read document with high-quality graphics. Utility should be high. Overall, this brief communicates important information to policymakers and the public, potentially having a reasonable, positive impact on learning.