The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2014: American Indian Students

The Condition of College & Career Readiness is ACT’s annual report on the progress of the graduating class relative to college readiness. This report is designed to help inform the following questions driving national efforts to strengthen P–16 education. Are American Indian students prepared for college and careers? Are enough American Indian students taking core courses? Are core courses rigorous enough? Are younger American Indian students on target for college and careers? Are American Indian students who are ready for college and careers actually succeeding? This report finds that American Indian students are performing worse on nearly all indicators of student achievement and success when compared to other subgroups. 


Content Comments 

This resource describes its purposes clearly; however, answers to the proposed questions must be inferred from the various charts and tables. There is no concluding discussion. The first few pages of the publication are dedicated to describing and defending the ACT assessment and benchmark system rather than directly addressing American Indian student performance, the number of AI students who took the assessments, or other AI background issues. Nevertheless, the data show, as do most other indicators, that American Indian student performance trails well behind other student groups. Communications quality is good, although better discussion throughout would be helpful. Utility could be reasonably high. As with most resources, evidence of effectiveness must be inferred based on the other ratings, but some impact on student learning could be possible if policymakers use this resource to make improvements in AI education.