First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education: Overcoming Gaps in Provincially Funded Schools

This report examines the programs and resources to support Aboriginal (i.e., indigenous student) education in provincially funded schools in Ontario, Canada, with a particular focus on schools with a high proportion of Aboriginal students. The report describes and illustrates achievement gaps between indigenous and non-indigenous students, discusses possible causes, such as resource gaps, and provides a series of recommendations for reduction of achievement disparities.

Content Comments 

The title of this publication effectively states its purpose: how to reduce achievement gaps in schools with high percentages of indigenous students. The publication itself meets that purpose through its reasonable methodology, effective conclusions, and sensible recommendations. The language is easy to understand, the high-quality graphics aid comprehension, and it is well organized. This resource's quality and relevance to Native American students in the United States suggest substantial utility. Some of the issues raised, including indigenous student identification methods in Ontario schools, may be especially important. The overall quality of the content suggests a possible impact on learning.