The California Campaign for Biliteracy

Californians Together, a statewide coalition of parent, professional, and civil rights organizations promoting access to quality education for English learners in the state, has announced the “California Campaign for Biliteracy,” which describes and supports the development of learning opportunities in preschool through high school programs that will prepare students with a high level of proficiency in two or more languages. According to Californians Together, “this publication is a tool to help schools and districts build multiple pathways to biliteracy. Included in the publication is information about the benefits and background on biliteracy, language learning opportunities, award criteria, and guidance to begin a district effort to implement multiple pathways to biliteracy.”

Content Comments 

This paper provides an excellent resources for education leaders at building, district, and state levels to implement well-articulated language programs for all of their students. It provides a rationale for every student to become biliterate as a necessary 21st-century skill. Additionally, it provides practical suggestions and considerations for reaching this goal through descriptions of language-learning pipelines for different student groups (e.g., ELLs, language heritage learners, English-only students). The examples of various districts that have been successful in this effort are very helpful.