First Nations Schools Report Points to Education Gap

In this short article, CBC News summarizes an evaluation that found that Canada's First Nations' schools (native students on reserves) have lower quality teaching, an inferior curriculum, and fail to provide proper services for children with special needs, compared to other Canadian students. The evaluation used surveys, case studies, interviews, expenditure analyses, and other data, concluding that the problems are expanding. Comments from several policy makers are included in the article. 

Content Comments 

The purposes of this article are well defined in the title and easily understood in the first paragraphs. The quality of the methods used are appropriate to news articles and free from bias. For example, the interviews represent both supportive and critical points of view. Communications quality is excellent, although a direct link to the report would be helpful. Utility should be reasonable, especially for U.S. educators looking to other nations' educational policies related to native student populations. This resources should be reasonably effective based on the overall quality of the article.