Measures That Matter, Making College and Career Readiness the Mission for High Schools: A Guide for State Policymakers

This guide focuses on College and Career Readiness (CCR) and attempts to distill key lessons from CCR reform efforts for state policymakers. The guide is organized around “a new set of basics” for what states must achieve at the high school level: standards, course requirements, curriculum and teacher support materials, aligned assessments, and an information/accountability system that supports real-time action from critical players.

Content Comments 

This valuable guide may be useful to state leaders who are thinking about high school College and Career and Readiness (CCR) issues and the questions to consider when creating policy that impacts their districts and schools. The guide provides a practical set of policy recommendations to better align standards and expectations between grades K–12 and colleges. The guide raises important points, such as the overall lack of standardization at the college level, and therefore may be relevant to all states and colleges.