ACHIEVE – NGSS Annual Leadership Meeting Proceedings

This resource provides insight into the first Next Generation Science Standards leadership meeting, where four sessions emphasized the role of professional development during the roll-out of the standards and as first efforts by states to initiate implementation.

Alabama, South Dakota, and New Mexico took the lead to share their work towards implementation of Professional Development on the Next Generation Science Standards in their states. This resource includes their presentations. Another key presentation was a Large-Scale Professional Development system model unveiled by Dr. Sean Smith of Horizon Research, Inc., highlighting the features of high-quality professional development for the Next Generation Science Standards, with key recommendations for leadership and feedback from the field.

Content Comments 

The resource offers guidance and access to the proceedings in the form of PowerPoint slides. Achieve will make available the proceedings of the 2015 meeting in the near future.  As the Next Generation Standards integrate into the fabric of science education at K-12 in our schools, it will be helpful having records of the annual leadership sessions available to educators and the public at large. Please note that these are archived sessions from introductory efforts for implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards.