Advancing Competency-Based Pathways to College and Career Readiness: A State Policy Framework for Graduation Requirements, Assessment and Accountability

The purpose of this framework is to assist states in building a policy structure that contributes to statewide adoption and implementation of competency-based pathways (CBP) that support ALL students in reaching college and career readiness, as defined by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The framework focuses on graduation requirements, assessment, and accountability.  The framework is designed to assist states in framing internal planning conversations, including setting a vision for a state policy structure and identifying and weighing options to move toward this vision. Through use of this process, it is hoped that states will identify barriers to advancing policy and opportunities to resolve them, as well as ways to incentivize innovation.

Content Comments 

This tool, organized by sections, provides exercises and guiding questions to assist policy makers involved in establishing new competency-based pathways (CBP) practices through reflection on graduation requirements, summative assessments, and accountability related to CBP implementation goals.  The tool's value lies in its well-designed layout, thoughtful policy questions, and key decision templates to help guide team discussions and decision-making.  Sidebars note "policy levers" which can be utilized to help reach agreed-upon goals.  While the tool is comprehensive in length, the sectional divisions allow stakeholders the ability to address specific topics in both a thorough and balanced manner that would best be achieved over time, through multiple meetings and discussions.