Are You Ready to Assess Social and Emotional Development? Tools Index

The Tools Index is last in a three part series of a social and emotional learning (SEL) toolkit to help educators in schools and districts decide on whether and how to assess SEL. (To view the Ready To Assess suite of tools, click here.) The Tools Index, organized by grade level span, provides information on SEL assessments that allows educators to make informed decisions on selecting an appropriate instrument for their purposes. Information for each assessment include: primary constructs measured by the tool, information on who completes the tool, tool administration, and costs associated with use of the tool.

Content Comments 

For school and district educators considering using an SEL assessment in their schools, the Tools Index is easily accessible and useful. The information provided for each assessment is in a table format, and users can glance at several tools to compare them. Although educators will need to go to the tools' web addresses to find out more information on the instruments, this resource is a helpful beginning step in selecting an SEL assessment that is appropriate for the staff and students in a school and district.