Assessment Literacy: Making Sense of K-12 Assessment for Learning is a website created as part of an assessment literacy initiative sponsored by Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). The website provides information and guidance to educators and professional development providers about the purposes of assessment, the components of effective assessment, and how to link assessment results to classroom instruction. The site features content developed by assessment experts and educators from around the country, including members of the new NWEA Task Force on Assessment Education for Teachers.

Content Comments 

NWEA's assessment literacy website provides a helpful introduction for educators and professional development providers to the purposes and types of assessments, as well as key concepts of measurement and data use. The information is presented clearly and is aimed at educators who are just being introduced to assessments. For this audience, this website is a strong starting place for thinking about assessment and its applications and implications for classroom instructional practice. Links to external resources are also helpful, but not comprehensive; while the information is clear, it remains at the level of an overview. The information and resources on this website do not dive deeper into any specific guidance on how to develop assessments or use assessment results to adjust instruction or set student learning goals. Still, the quality of information and presentation are high, and—for the purposes of an introduction to assessment literacy, design, and data use—this website could provide a valuable component of a more extensive professional learning experience.