Backward Design for Forward Action

This publication provides a concise overview of a three-stage, data-driven backward planning process to improve student learning. This backward design process proposes systemic changes at the classroom, school, and district levels in order to develop meaningful assessments and learning plans. The process includes identifying desired results, analyzing multiple data sources, and determining appropriate action plans. 

Content Comments 

This resource would be helpful for educators at any level working towards improving student learning. It includes practical descriptions and examples of big ideas and essential questions to target learning, questions to promote assessment literacy and audits, and information on how to focus an action plan for improved curriculum and instruction based on students' strengths and weaknesses. The resource content is concise, but still includes examples of actions school teams can take in developing a comprehensive improvement plan. There is no discussion of efficacy within the paper, but broad nature of the suggested steps could be useful and applicable to a variety of schools.