BetterLesson is an online site dedicated to providing educators with access to high-quality tools and resources that support implementation and alignment to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The site features lessons and resources from over 130 selected Master Teachers from across the country. Master Teachers are charged with developing and sharing lessons and resources on BetterLesson, including reflections that highlight experiences with lesson design, challenges and successes of Common Core implementation, and specific lesson considerations for diverse students. In addition to lessons and resources, Master Teachers share narratives, videos, and detailed explanations of the strategies they use in their own classrooms.

Content Comments 

The Master Teacher Lessons section of the site is noteworthy in that the lessons and resources included are detailed and have been selected to illustrate the development and implementation of high-quality lessons aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Within this section, highlighted content areas include English language arts, mathematics, science, and blended learning. BetterLesson is included as a resource by CSAI because of the Master Teacher Lessons component, but it is important to note that the site does currently include over 588,000 resources, only of which about 16,000 were developed by the master teachers. Community users of the site shared the remaining lessons and resources. Although community user lessons have not been vetted, BetterLesson clearly distinguishes between lessons developed by its master teachers and those uploaded by community members as part of its search feature.