Check State Plans

The interactive Check State Plans website allows users to review the first 17 submitted state plans and see what education experts identify as strengths and weaknesses in each plan. The site also presents 9 important elements included in the plans (e.g., goals, standards and assessment, continuous improvement) and identifies states that provide strong examples of each of these in their state plans.

Content Comments 

A joint project of Bellwether Education Partners and Collaborative for Student Success, this site is based on an independent, non-federal, peer review of 17 state accountability plans submitted to the U.S. Department of Education in April and May 2017. While the federal peer review process will determine if these state plans meet the baseline requirements of compliance, the Check State Plans site goes further. To provide states and advocates with additional feedback and guidance, the website easily shares the results of an extensive peer review conducted by Bellwether Education Partners and a panel of experts. It highlights strong plan components across the states, while also shining a light on how each state’s plan can be even stronger. The interactive website offers promising state approaches in each of 9 categories and you can easily link to any state’s plan for each area.