Classroom Challenges from the Mathematics Assessment Resource Service

These "Classroom Challenges" are ready-to-use math lessons that showcase Common Core State Standards in mathematics (CCSSM)–aligned instructional planning at the lesson level and are designed to support classroom formative assessment in grades 6–10. The resource provides 20 lessons per grade, all available for download at no cost, and all designed to reveal student thinking, skills, and ability relative to the CCSSM. “Concept Development Lessons” first establish levels of prior knowledge and then build understanding of key ideas. “Problem Solving Lessons” first establish levels of prior knowledge and then allow students to apply their knowledge in non-routine, unstructured problems. Lessons address the rigor of the content standards, foreground the practice standards, focus on communication and collaboration, and emphasize multiple representations.

Content Comments 

This resource helps teachers see what instructional planning at the lesson level looks like when it is focused on formative assessment. Lessons are based on thoughtful questions that are designed to elicit student thinking. The “Common Issues” table at the beginning of each lesson is particularly useful, and lessons include all necessary supporting materials, such as hand-outs, cut-outs, overhead slides, etc.  While the website design and organization are dated and confusing at times, users should not be discouraged: the lessons themselves are extremely user friendly. The “Standards” tab at the top of the page allows a user to search for lessons by content or practice standard. The sidebar on the left indicates grade level. For users who would like to learn more about the formative assessment process, five online learning modules are available through the “Professional Development” tab at the top of the page.