Coherence Map: Connecting the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

The Coherence Map is an interactive digital tool that visually displays the connections between the K–8 Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). The digital map allows users to search by standards, grade levels, and by domains within each grade level. Once a standard is selected, the digital tool maps the standard in relation to other standards both within and across grade levels and domains. The Coherence Map shows two major types of connections using arrows and dashed lines. It uses an arrow (A -> B) to indicate related standards in cases where a student who cannot meet A is not likely to be able to meet B. It uses dashed lines (A --- B) to indicate related standards. Every standard is illustrated with an example task and its solution that can be downloaded. The standards also provide links to related tasks, lessons, and assessments, as well as excerpts from the Progressions documents. By illustrating the content structure of the CCSSM, the Coherence Map demonstrates that mathematics standards are not isolated concepts; instead they relate to one another within and across grade levels.

Content Comments 

The Coherence Map is a useful tool to help educators build student understanding. By using the tool to identify connections between standards, educators can identify gaps in student knowledge and provide instruction that will help students draw on previous knowledge as they face new material. Furthermore, this tool provides educators with a visual display of how supporting standards connect with the Major Work of the Grade. Finally, the links to related resources—assessments, tasks, and lessons—not only provide additional instructional material, they also help deepen educators' understanding of the Standards and their connections.