Compendium of Preschool Through Elementary School Social‐Emotional Learning and Associated Assessment Measures

From the website: "This compendium, published by the University of Illinois-Chicago and CASEL, describes the tools to assess the social and emotional learning of preschool and elementary school students (i.e., five‐ to ten‐year‐olds), along with aspects of the contexts in which they learn and their learning behaviors." The authors also state that these assessment measures are intended for researchers and those in the applied research community who may find them useful in their work with groups of children. The assessments included in this resource are organized into three sections: context, core SEL competencies, and academic-related SEL competencies.

Content Comments 

This thorough and highly organized compendium provides detailed information to help users select the appropriate instrument to assess SEL in the three areas stated above: context (e.g., classroom management, instructional support, instruction); student's SEL core competencies (e.g., self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills); and academic competencies (e.g., school engagement, academic success). The authors created a table for each section so users can have an overview of what SEL assessments are available, for which student grades, and for which SEL core competency. Within each table, the assessments are sorted by grade level and basic rating type (i.e., teacher rating, parent rating, student report, performance‐based, observational, and “other"). Additionally, for each measure, the authors provided information about administration (rater, format, and length), scoring, psychometrics, overall strengths and weaknesses, pricing, source, and references.