A Compendium of Research on the Common Core State Standards

From the publisher: "The Center on Education Policy has put together this compendium, which very briefly summarizes the published research on many different aspects of the CCSS. Our objective was to create an accessible and readable overview of current research that can inform implementation, policy discussions, and the development of future research on the Common Core. Therefore, we have intentionally limited the description for each study to one page that summarizes its focus, methodology, and key findings and includes a URL, where available, or a citation. The compendium is designed to be a living document and will be updated on a rolling basis—this is the second iteration." 

Content Comments 

This is an outstanding resource. The purposes are well described, the methodology is excellent, and communications quality is well above most other resources. Anyone with interest in the Common Core, paritsan or not, is likely to find substantial value in this publication and in the links to the specific summarized resources. The authors have done a commendable job of keeping each summary to a single page and in prescribing each resource to a specific Common Core subtopic. Consequently, utility should be very high for a diverse range of audiences including policymakers, state education agencies, schools districts, teachers, and parents.