Considerations for Collaborations to Support College and Career Readiness: A Facilitator’s Guide

This guide is framed by questions designed to help states explore the complex challenges inherent in facilitating cross-systems alignment through ongoing collaboration. Each question borrows from a systems research base derived from within and outside the field of education. Key considerations that accompany each question are designed to help users frame their own efforts within the conditions that the research base links to collaborative success. The guide notes: “although collaboration across systems can be challenging, the questions and key considerations provided can help states foster meaningful relationships and connections with the ultimate goal of ensuring that all students are prepared for postsecondary success.”

Content Comments 

The organization of this guide provides the ability to utilize guiding questions to inform and improve collaborative efforts. The appendix offers a deeper look into the research that serves as a foundation for each guiding question. The appendix can be used to examine each question in more depth and to delve further into key considerations that inform answers to the questions. In addition, the appendix highlights issues or examples of collaborative endeavors from within the field of education in which the research is applied.