Council of State Science Supervisors: Large-Scale Assessment Discussions

The Council of State Science Supervisors (CSSS) is a professional organization made up of science education specialists from states and territories of the United States. The organization provides science education resources, including resources related to assessment and, more specifically, assessment of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Within the Science Education Assessment page, PowerPoint presentations and recorded webinars of large-scale assessment discussions related to the NGSS are made publicly available.

The following webinars are provided on the site:

  • CSSS LSA NGSS Aligned Blueprints
  • CSSS LSA Kentucky Science Assessment Plans
  • CSSS LSA Integrating Practices into Items
  • CSSS Large Scale Science Assessment
  • Performance-Based Science Assessment

The following PowerPoint slides are provided on the site:

  • College Board – Integrating Practices into Items: Next Generation Assessments for Emerging Standards
  • CSSS Large Scale Assessment Webinar – Adaptive Testing in Science
  • Massachusetts Science Assessments: Where We Are, We Might Be Going
  • Next Generation Science Large-Scale Assessment Ideas and Discussion
  • Performance-Based Science Assessment
  • First Steps in Preparing for NGSS Summative Assessment
Content Comments 

The CSSS Science Education Assessment page offers examples of states’ approaches to NGSS assessment implementation and provides insights into the process from states’ perspectives. Both PowerPoint slides and recorded webinars are provided for presentations, which allows users to benefit from the discussions that ensued during the original presentation. It should be noted that some of the webinars provide only a partial recording of the original presentation.