Designing for Learning: A Primer on Key Insights from the Science of Learning and Development

From the website: "This primer introduces four key factors that impact learning: cognition, motivation, identity, and individual variability. We selected these areas because a wealth of research indicates that each plays a critical role in how learning happens. Using this research, we developed a set of core learning principles that help explain these roles. In addition, we identified various implications for learning environments and specified design decisions that could align with these implications. This primer isn’t meant to be a fully comprehensive review of the literature; we’ve included a variety of additional resources related to specific principles as well as to learning and development in general."

Content Comments 

This primer distills existing learning sciences research into a core set of principles to promote learning through research on cognition, motivation, identify, and individual differences. This is free to download, but you will need to enter your name and email address to access it. Other resources, such as cards and design activities based on this primer, are available on the Transcend webpage when you sign in.