ELA/Literacy Grade-Level Instructional Materials Evaluation Tool-Quality Review (GIMET-QR)

The GIMET-QR is a tool designed by the Council of the Great City Schools to support educators in evaluating the quality of instructional materials available and making evidence-based selection decisions about the suitability of instructional materials under consideration. The tool is organized into grade-level or grade-band documents and is structured to mirror the Student Achievement Partners' Instructional Materials Evaluation Toolkit (IMET). The tool includes nine sections: two non-negotiable sections and seven alignment sections. Reviewers read guidance statements for each section and are directed to cite evidence to support their evaluation of instructional materials.

Content Comments 

Although the GIMET-QR structurally mirrors the Student Achievement Partners' Instructional Material Evaluation Toolkit (IMET), it differs in that each review section guides users in conducting an in-depth review of select key standard features. Doing so allows for a rigorous qualitative analysis of the materials and supports in making determinations about the quality of instructional materials in terms of how well they align to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).