Engineering is Elementary: Elementary Teachers Professional Development & Curricula for Engineering Literacy

This resource is an online organization dedicated to supporting educators, administrators, and advocates of engineering education at grades K–8. The mission of Engineering is Elementary (EiE) is to support all educators in formal and informal settings, providing opportunities for children to engage with engineering practices, and to offer curricula and professional development that develop engineering literacy. Its resource collection includes videos, lessons, assessment and literacy resources, and downloadable applications for iOS devices on engineering.

Content Comments 

The website is organized to find Engineering is Elementary (EiE) curriculum units for classroom instruction in grades 1–5, resources for informal educators to implement grades 3–5 "Engineering Adventures" and camps, and workshops on engineering for youth in grades 6–8. EiE offers customizable professional development workshops through a national network of professional development providers trained in its program. This organization is a leader in promoting the engineering innovation of the Next Generation Science Standards.