Engineering is Elementary: Research Instruments

Engineering is Elementary (EiE) project helps address the need for effective STEM education through three platforms: (1) curriculum development and dissemination, (2) professional development for teachers and teacher educators, and (3) educational research and evaluation. The EiE website offers many resources on each of the platforms, including the assessment instruments the organization has designed and used to evaluate and research their program. All assessments have been tested for validity and reliability. All materials are free, and users have permission to adapt instruments with proper attributions to the EiE.

Content Comments 

EiE has six general assessments available that examine students' (1) attitudes towards science and engineering and (2) knowledge of general engineering concepts and technology. During the time of review, the reliability data had not been made available for these assessments, although they are "coming soon." School and district STEM teachers and administrators may find these specific assessments on the topics of engineering and technology useful, especially if they can be adapted to fit specific classroom and school contexts.