English Language Arts Evidence Statements

PARCC has made available a series of ELA Test Specifications Documents, for Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-11. These resources include a set of Evidence Statements that

  • provide explanations of the specific standards that are addressed by each claim, and
  • detail the evidence that may be used to assess each of these claims

These documents are separated according to whether they correspond to reading or writing standards and are organized around the following four claims:

  • Reading Literature: Students read and demonstrate comprehension of grade-level complex literary text
  • Reading Information: Students read and demonstrate comprehension of grade-level complex informational texts
  • Vocabulary Interpretation and Use: Students use context to determine the meaning of words and phrases
  • Writing: Students write effectively when using and/or analyzing sources

To access the evidence tables, select the desired link:

Reading Evidence Tables

Writing Evidence Tables