English Language Arts Performance Level Descriptors

PARCC's English Language Arts/Literacy Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs) describe performance expectations for the reading and writing claims. What differentiates current PLDs from those in the past is that current PLDs were developed with the recognition that text complexity is related to the complexity of an item or task. PLDs consider these factors when determining the overall complexity of a task.

To illustrate this point further, the PLDs for reading claims are differentiated according to the following three factors:

  1. text complexity
  2. accuracy in expressed reading comprehension
  3. quality of cited evidence

In contrast to reading, writing PLDs consider the following factors:

  1. written expression
  2. knowledge of language and conventions

PLDs are available by grade or grade band.


Content Comments 

Additional information about PARCC's Cognitive Complexity Framework for ELA/Literacy is available here.