English Language Arts/Literacy Formative Assessments (K-2)

PARCC has developed a set of assessment resources designed to support the measurement of student knowledge and skills in the lower grades. The resources included on the K-2 Formative Assessments page align to the Common Core State Standards and to the PARCC assessment system. The documents are intended to support educators in preparing students for later grades and inform instruction. These documents include information about the standards and evidences that might be used to assess the following four assessment claims:

  • Reading Literature: Students read and demonstrate comprehension of grade-level complex literary text
  • Reading Information: Students read and demonstrate comprehension of grade-level complex informational texts
  • Vocabulary Interpretation and Use: Students use context to determine the meaning of words and phrases
  • Writing: Students write to express understandings using text sources

The documents available on the site are organized according to grade and are also available by selecting the desired link below.