English Learners (ELs) Who Are American Indian and/or Alaska Native (AI/AN)

The Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) has created two fact sheets that profile American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) students: AI/AN English learners (ELs) and ELs who are AI/AN. Both fact sheets illustrate the states with the highest percentages of AI/AN ELs, as well as the states that have Native American and/or Alaska Native languages among their five most common EL languages. Included in both are also the most common Native American and/or Alaska Native languages and the number of ELs reported to be speaking each language. These fact sheets provide accessible handouts with information on the state of AI/AN ELs in the U.S. schooling system.


Content Comments 

The infographics (i.e., tables, charts, and maps) included in these two-page fact sheets provide helpful, at-a-glance information on AI/AN students who are classified as English learners. Also useful are the callout boxes that summarize general trends and demographics. The two fact sheets contain similar information on languages spoken and states where most AI/AN ELs live; however, the fact sheet on ELs who are AI/AN has additional information on this subgroup's proficiency levels on the 2011-2015 NAEP. Users can choose one or both of these highly usable PDF sheets to share with stakeholders.