EQuIP Rubric for Lessons & Units: Science

The Educators Evaluating the Quality of Instructional Products (EQuIP) Rubric for science supports educators conducting in-depth evaluations of the quality of lessons and units that appear in published materials or are educator-created. The EQuIP Rubric for science extends the work of previous EQuIP rubrics for English language arts and mathematics for Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The EQuIP Rubric for science was developed to reflect the work of the previous ELA and mathematics rubrics while incorporating the requirements of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Use of the EQuIP Rubric for science facilitates:

  • revision of existing lessons and units
  • feedback for lesson or unit improvement
  • identification of lesson or unit exemplars
  • development of new lessons and units
  • selection of high-quality instructional materials aligned to the NGSS
  • professional learning targeting lesson and unit analysis of NGSS-aligned instruction

The NGSS EQuIP Professional Learning Facilitator’s Guide (2015) is a related resource. This is a series of ten modules meant to support science educators in effectively using the EQuIP Rubric for science.

Content Comments 

The EQuIP Rubric for science should be used to evaluate lessons that include NGSS-aligned lessons and instructional tasks, as well as units that include lessons that extend over longer instructional periods. It should not be used to evaluate a single task or activity, or a curriculum in its entirety.