Exemplary Science Standards: How Does Your State Compare?

This Fordham Institute evaluation compares state science standards in 38 states as well as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) against three exemplary science standards in two states (Massachusetts and South Carolina) plus the District of Columbia. The report builds on earlier publications from the Fordham Institute which include ratings of all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. The evaluators ranked 38 states and the NGSS as a C or below. Details of the methodology and rating process are described.

Content Comments 

The purposes of this Fordham resource are well described and met, using reasonable methodology in a nicely presented publication. Although low ranking states and the NGSS authors might disagree with some findings, this publication could improve science standards at national and state levels. Communications quality is excellent. Although the document is lengthy, the language is quite easy to understand. One small shortcoming is that only 38 states are included in the review. The publisher did not include results for states with above average performance, including California. Utility should be very high, especially if it is used to review science standards. Although evidence of effectiveness is not provided, the overall quality suggests a reasonable, positive impact on learning.