Generation STEM: The Four Cs of Next Generation Engineering Standards

This article aligns the "four Cs"—collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication—from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (2004) to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The author advocates that the NGSS lay out a vision of science education that embraces a project-based STEM education connected to these four Cs, as is particularly evident in the NGSS sections on engineering design and science and engineering practices.

Content Comments 

This one-page article, originally published through the ASCD Express online publication, provides a succinct overview of the science and engineering practices in the NGSS. The author offers a clear and succinct summary of the engineering standards at grades 3–5, middle school, and high school through the lens of 21st-century skills. It is a brief and free tool for professional development or for a professional learning community holding discussions and clarification on the implementation of the practices in the NGSS.