Getting a Handle on the Standards - Worksheet 1 Browsing the Mathematics CCSS

In general, the Mathematics CCSS are described in more detail and organized differently from most States’ previous Mathematics standards. Across all grades, the Mathematics CCSS focus on depth of learning rather than on breadth of coverage. Before reading the Mathematics CCSS in detail, a useful first step is to browse the standards to get a sense of their structure and focus. Use Worsksheet #1 and follow the instructions below to start the process of getting familiar with the Mathematics CCSS.

STEP 1 Browsing the Standards

  1. Browse the standards, noticing particular points of interest, including:
    • Standards for Mathematical Practice
    • Introduction and Overview for a few grade levels or courses of interest
    • K-8 Domains and High School Conceptual Categories
    • Glossary
    • Specific grade level or course of greatest interest


  2. Share your observations with a partner or small group 
    • Reflect on where you notice the “shifts” and “themes” appearing in the standards


  3. Record your observations in Worksheet #1 , found here and in the "Worksheets" section of the resource, Getting a Handle on the Standards