Getting a Handle on the Standards - Worksheet 3 Studying the Old and New Standards - ELA & Literacy

Use Worksheet #3 to record your comparison of old and new ELA standards. Below are instructions for comparing Standards as found in the resource, Getting a Handle on the Standards.

  1. Use your State’s ELA & Literacy CCSS as the starting point. Pick a grade and a strand to review first (e.g., in 5th grade, begin with Reading).
  2. Identify the strand in your State’s old standards that corresponds with the strand in the new standards.
  3. Place both sets of standards documents with the grade level strand you will be reviewing side-by-side so you can look at them simultaneously. It may be helpful to have a partner or small group to work with.
  4. Color code and annotate each of the old and new standards in the strand you’re reviewing to represent one of the four categories (described in detail on the following two pages) using a different color for each category. The categories are: Same, Similar but More Rigorous, New, and Removed.
  5. Once you have finished coding the old and new standards, take some time to reflect on general trends that you noticed in each of the strands and the standards as a whole. Use Worksheet #3 provided here and in the Worksheet section of Getting a Handle on the Standards to write down your reflections.