Getting a Handle on the Standards - Worksheet 4 Studying the Learning Progressions of the Mathematics and ELA & Literacy CCSS

Reviewing the standards across grade levels (e.g., from K-12) can help teachers gain a broader sense of the progression of learning that occurs as students become more sophisticated in their understanding of a particular concept or skill described in a standard. Use Worksheet #4, accessible here and in the resource, Getting a Handle on the Standards, to review standards across grade levels. 

Instructions for Learning Progression Analysis

  1. Access one of the learning progression documents described in Getting a Handle on the Standards, or if needed, create one of your own.
  2. Examine the standards for your subject area and grade level, as well as the related standards a few grades above and a few below your own. Notice how the knowledge and skills develop progressively from standard to standard across grades.
  3. If you do this work with a partner or part of a larger group (e.g., teachers in grade level bands), you can jigsaw the work, with each pair studying a few standards and their progression and then sharing what they learn with others.
  4. Use Worksheet #4, available here and in the Worksheet section of Getting a Handle on the Standards, to summarize the gist of the standards and the nature of their progression.