Helping Newcomers Succeed Through Effective Programs and Practices

For teachers and newcomer program leaders who are designing and implementing newcomer programs, this video and accompanying materials offer the most current guidance on program development including program design options, support services needed, and thinking around determinations of entrance and exit criteria. Best practices for serving newcomers are also discussed, including ways to enhance school personnel collaboration, developing ladders of support for student access to grade-level standards, and ways to promote family support. The video presentation is accompanied by a downloadable version of the power point slides, full transcript of the video, and additional handouts which include a needs assessment, a checklist for program design options, and presentation references. This resource could be used by newcomer program planning groups or in professional development for small or large groups of educators.

Content Comments 

This presentation provides an accessible, engaging way for educators and administrators to become oriented to the design and implementation of newcomer programs. Having a presentation from a former middle and high school ESL teacher also presents a perspective that other educators can identify with, and comes with practical suggestions that can be adapted and used in different school settings. The accompanying materials are high-quality and offer practical suggestions for teachers and administrators.