Hoax or No Hoax? Strategies for Online Comprehension and Evaluation

"Hoax or No Hoax? Strategies for Online Comprehension and Evaluation" is a lesson available on the ReadWriteThink website. Over a series of four 60-minute sessions, the lesson presents an instructional plan for teaching strategies in a cycle of planning, predicting, monitoring, and evaluating online reading. Students learn the online reading comprehension strategies and have opportunities to practice using them to evaluate websites.

Content Comments 

This lesson plan is one example of how teachers might introduce online reading comprehension strategies, especially to teach students how to evaluate websites. The lesson preview includes a "From Theory to Practice" section with professional articles and resources that support the lesson design. The lesson handouts, especially the website evaluation sheet and the online comprehension comprehension strategies diagram, are clear, well-written, and have the potential to be useful instructional resources beyond this lesson.