How Much Testing Is Taking Place in North Carolina Schools at Grades K-12? An Analysis of Federal, State, and Local Required Assessments

This analysis of federal, state and locally required assessments provide insight into four research questions focused on: How many assessments are administered to students per year?, How much time do students spend in assessments per year?, What is the purpose of the assessments?, and, How can the state alleviate testing burden on students and teachers? The paper’s findings provide answers to these questions relative to practices within the state of North Carolina, as well as information on how different types of assessments make up an overall balanced assessment system.

Content Comments 

The content of this paper adds value to recent questions and concerns relative to state and school testing practices. The paper provides useful information supported by high-quality graphics in a user friendly well organized structure. While the data is state specific to North Carolina, it concludes with testing practice information from four other states. The information should be useful for comparing and contrasting practices in other states to help inform technical assistance discussion relative to concerns about state assessment practice.